Call us : 07 3419 9548
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm
Call us : 07 3419 9548
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm
Need a car inspection?
Need a car inspection?
Pre-purchase Inspections2022-06-29T05:18:31+00:00

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Looking at buying a car? Let us check your new vehicle before you buy a lemon

Need a car inspection?

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What is your labour charges?2022-06-29T04:56:40+00:00

We believe in providing the best service possible without the big price tag, which is why we only charge $99 per hour for all our services!

General Service Cost2022-06-29T04:56:24+00:00

While every vehicle is different, general small car servicing starts at $175, Medium car $195, large cars $215 and 4×4 vehicles from $300

Can you provide a roadworthy?2022-06-29T04:57:01+00:00

Yes we can! We can perform safety checks as well as road worthy certificates.

Do you sell replacement parts?2022-06-29T04:57:17+00:00

We have a massive range or both direct replacement and aftermarket parts available. If we don’t have the part required in stock we will get it normally same day!

Can you service my car air conditioning system?2022-06-29T04:57:55+00:00

We can perform all repairs to vehicle A/C systems, everything from a simple re-gas to a compressor or condenser replacement. Get in touch to find out more information on what could be wrong with your A/C.

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